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Team Page

Team page lists all your colleagues in your organization.

You can navigate to Team page using left side bar in Thundra console. You can click Team icon button to open team page.

Team Page Icon

In teams page users of your organization are listed in terms of Name, Email, Status and Role.

Team Page

If your role Account Owner or Admin in your organization, you can invite new users . Also, you can edit current roles of users or delete users in your organization.

Roles that are available Thundra:

  • Account Owner is the role who can manage the billing, add/update/delete projects, invite/delete users, save queries publicly in the account.

  • Admin is the role that has every right Account Owner has but can’t manage the billing.

  • Developer is the role who can’t manage the subscription and users but can create and update the existing projects.

  • User is the role who can only view the monitoring data but can’t perform any managerial activity.

  • Billing Admin is the who can manage only billing information. Users that have this role can only display billing page. Other Thundra features will not be available.This role helps financial departments of the companies.

Role Limitations

There can be only one Account Owner for per account and it is assigned to first user who signup to Thundra directly. There can be unlimited Admin, Developer or User in an account. Account owner can be deleted if only account itself is deleted.

Read-only Access to Team Page

If your role in your organization is User or Developer, you can display Team page in read-only mode. If you want to operate on this page, you need to ask your Account Owner or Admin to change your role.

Account Owner or Admin can invite new users to organization by entering email and selecting role. Invited users will receive an email to signup Thundra and set password. Status column shows that status of invited user. If they don't follow the instructions in email yet, it will be displayed as Yellow.

Invite User

Account owner or Admin can edit user role or delete a user using edit button which is displayed when you hover on a user.

Edit/Delete User