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Thundra Web Console (TWC) is our web-based application where you can debug, monitor and secure your serverless-centric applications end-to-end from distributed services down to the line level of your runtime code.

Identifying bugs and debugging them can be a daunting task especially on the serverless-centric platform. TWC aims to provide you the insight of each invocation of your AWS Lambda functions, containers and VMs.

Troubleshooting serverless-centric apps is tend to make a negative impact on MTTR because it's not easy to understand the root cause and see the full system and business impact when the software architecture is so distributed.

Maintaining the security compliance of a distributed system is also challenging for DevSecOps people with new serverless paradigm. You can configure your whitelisted/blacklisted domains from TWC. Plus, you can import already existing blacklisted domains.

Thundra started with serverless. Serverless constraints drove the need for an end-to-end understanding of the application to efficiently troubleshoot and debug. In the process, Thundra developed an entirely new way to manage applications (not only serverless), removing the need for multiple tools while dramatically simplifying tool complexity. You can see the detailed guide of our console with the below links: