Subscription Tab

Subscription Tab Breakdown

The Subscription tab view allows you to see your current Thundra subscription details and also allows you to change your subscription plan. The tab view is split into two major components which include:

At the moment Thundra has four subscription packages, and these are as listed as below:

  • Free

  • Lite

  • Standard

  • Professional

For detailed information about each subscription package, and to know which package is suitable for you, please visit Thundra’s Pricing page here.

Subscription Information

The Subscription Information component of the Subscription tab view allows you to see the details of your current information, including with the when it is expected to be renewed along with credit card details.

You can change your credit card details by clicking on ‘Edit credit card information’. By clicking on the option, you will cause the credit card view to open up where you can add all the respective details to ensure smooth payment for your subscription. and associate your Thundra account to another credit card.

Add Credit Card

Subscription Plans

The Subscription Plans lists out all your alternative subscription plans offered by Thundra. This is in the offer of subscription cards, where each card has the Subscription Name, Subscription Information and ‘Change To’ option button which shall be either ‘Downgrade’ or ‘Upgrade’ depending on the plan described in the card, compared to your current plan.

Therefore, if your current plan is standard, then in the Subscription Plans view, you shall see ‘Free’, 'Lite' and ‘Professional’ plan cards listed. The ‘Change To’ option for the ‘Free’ and 'Lite' plan shall display ‘Downgrade’ whereas that of the ‘Professional’ plan shall display ‘Upgrade’.