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Applications Page

The Applications page gives you an overview of your applications that connected to Thundra. This page one of the main pages of Thundra because you can display performance of your application at a glance.

The Functions List page displays all your instrumented applications according to the query you set using the Query Bar and Query Helper at the top of the page. Moreover, you may also change the time constraint on the functions you are displaying using the “Time” option next to the Query Bar.

As can be seen from the illustration above, the Applications page can be broken down into various components that help you filter through your applications and view all data for an individual application. These components are as listed below:

  • Query List

  • Query Bar

  • Search

  • Applications List

Query List

The Query List component, which is on the left side of the Applications page, lists all queries that you can use to filter the displayed applications. It is split into two sections: Predefined queries and Saved Searches.

The Predefined section lists queries that are created by Thundra to allow quick and convenient filtering of your applications. The following predefined queries are included:

  • Most Erroneous - Order applications by error rate in descending order

  • Applications with the highest throughput- Order applications by throughput in descending order

  • Most called - Order applications by request count in descending order

The Saved Searches section of the Query List shows all the queries that you would like to save after entering them into the Query Bar or the Query Helper.

To use a query in the Queries List, simply select a query and the applications listed will be filtered and ordered depending on the selected query. Moreover, by clicking or hovering your mouse over a query, you will see two buttons appear to the right of the query, allowing you to either delete the selected query or set the query as the default query, and hence filtering your functions according to the default query whenever you visit your Thundra console.

Query Bar

The Query Bar, which is located above the listed applications, allows you to write custom queries to filter through your applications. Three buttons are present at the end of the Query Bar, and they allow you to run, share, and save the written query respectively.

The Run button will execute whatever query is entered in the bar. The Save button will allow you to save the query. The Save Search Dialog will allow you to name the query you wish to save.

Query Save Details

You can save your queries as public if your role is listed as Admin or Account Owner, so that everyone in the organization can see the saved query. You can also save your queries as private so that only you can see the saved query. If your role is listed as User or Developer, you can only save the query for yourself and your query won't be visible to the whole organization.

The Search Bar allows you to see a list of your applications based on their names. The Search bar is located at the top of your applications list.

Applications List

You can display your applications list after you filter or order them using queries. Applications are listed in terms of:

  • Application name

  • Application type - Indicates web framework used for your application such as Spring, Express.js etc.

  • Throughput - Shows throughput of your application request count per second.

  • P50 Latency

  • P90 Latency

  • P99 Latency

  • Error Rate - Percentage of erroneous requests.