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Applications Detail Page

The Application Details page provides detailed and insightful monitoring data of your application, and even allows you to navigate through monitoring data of specific requests. The details for a specific application can be viewed when you click on an application on the Applications Page.

This page contains two main sections. The first is the top section, which displays function stats and overall metrics within selected time range. The second part of the page displays detailed monitoring data, which is split into two tab views.

The Application Details page has two main components that allow you to navigate through the details of your selected application. These are as listed:

  • Application Profile

  • Application Data Tabs

Application Profile


The application profile section gives you detailed information about a specific application, including the function name, application info, and application stats.

  • Application Name - The name of the application being analyzed.

  • Application Stats - Statistics related to all the requests of the application.

  • Application Info - Type of the application is displayed as a badge in this section.

Application Data Tabs

This section provides data of your application that is collected by Thundra. Metrics and overall requests of the application is provided in this section with following two tabs:

  • Overview - Overview tab gives two different insights about your application. When page is firstly loaded overview of the application is displayed. If any endpoint is selected from this tab, we will display metrics of the endpoint.

  • Transactions - Transactions of the application are listed under this tab. You can filter and order transactions of your application on this tab.