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Vercel Integration

Vercel is a cloud platform that is perfect for hosting your static sites. It enables developers to deploy and host JamStack websites that scale automatically with no provision or configuration efforts.

Vercel enables developers to deploy serverless functions that can be written in Node.js, Go, Python, and Ruby. These functions are designed to take an HTTP request and provide a response. Serverless Functions on Vercel is particularly powerful for the use cases such as handling user authentication, form submission, database queries, custom slack commands, and more.

Thundra's Vercel integration allows Vercel users to gain visibility on their Serverless Functions deployed on Vercel. Thundra integration for Vercel is a plug-and-play solution that only requires users to plug a community runtime provided by Thundra to a serverless function. Thundra Integration provides the following benefits for the Vercel users:

  • Periodic reporting on the health and latency of the serverless functions.

  • Flexible alerting integrated with email, Slack, and many incident management platforms such as PagerDuty, Opsgenie and more.

  • Trend analysis and anomaly detection on the traffic and latency of your ZEIT deployment.

  • Ability to enrich the visibility with business context using Thundra's tagging mechanism.

  • Extensive search capability on the logs of the serverless functions.

How to integrate Thundra on Vercel serverless functions

You can follow to steps below to integrate Thundra on your Vercel serverless functions:

  1. Add Thundra integration to your Vercel account.

  2. In the configuration page of the integration, select the project you want to integrate and enter your API key.

  3. In your now.json file, specify the Node.js functions you want to integrate with Thundra and use the now-thundra-node runtime for these functions. An example now.json file might look like the following:

    // now.json file which is in the root of your Vercel project
    "functions": {
    "api/**/*.js": {
    "runtime": "now-thundra-node@0.0.2"

Once you complete the steps above, you can deploy your project using the now command and you will be able to see the invocations of your Vercel functions in the Thundra Console.