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Thundra is the only vendor with its capability to go from high-level distributed service to bottom line-by-line tracing level. At the same time, our customers are asking if they can use our product with their central monitoring tool: Splunk.

For this purpose, we developed a Splunk integration that enabes software organization to forward rich Thundra observability data to their Splunk instances. In this way, the observability data will never come to Thundra backend and stay on-prem in Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud environments.

In order to take advantage of Thundra's Splunk integration, you need to Install Thundra-Splunk integrator from AWS Marketplace and install Thundra's Splunk application from Splunkbase.

Installation requires further assistance from Thundra engineers, please reach out to us via and we'll be glad to help you installing Thundra's Splunk integration.