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Connect Thundra

Thundra allows users to trace their Lambda functions by plugging instrumentation libraries into their functions. Some users also want to have insights about their serverless application with minimum effort. If you're one of these users, you can plug Thundra into your AWS account and start monitoring all of your functions in your account within a couple of minutes.

After you create your Thundra account, you will be able to access the Thundra application. At this point, if you want to monitor and secure your applications, continue with the Thundra Console.

At this step, a page will be displayed that asks you to connect to your AWS account. If you want to connect Thundra to your AWS account, just click on “Connect Thundra” and follow the steps shown below.

If you’re not a technical team member with access to your AWS account, you can invite a developer by entering their email address. We're sure that you will have someone on your team who can help you to connect Thundra.

At this point, it's worth mentioning that you can skip the "Connect Thundra" step, and manually instrument your functions one by one by clicking the “skip” link at the bottom of your screen.

Thundra will help you create a CloudFormation stack when you click on the “Connect Thundra” button. The CloudFormation creation wizard will open and display information about the Thundra stack. You need to check the box called I Acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources to allow access. When creation is finished, you are able to display a list of your functions.

You can select functions that you want to monitor on Thundra from the list. You may have a lot of functions, so you have the capability to search through them by runtime or name using the search bar. If you forget to select some functions, don't worry. You can always alter subscriptions of your Lambda functions from the AWS tab on the settings page.

After connecting Thundra, you can add new Lambda functions to your AWS account. At this point, you can select whether Thundra subscribes to these functions automatically or not.

If you already have an account on Thundra, you can also connect Thundra. First, navigate to the settings page under "User" and go to the AWS tab. On this page, you can also add new AWS accounts and you will go through the same subscription process.