Thundra: Serverless Observability for AWS Lambda

The black box nature of AWS Lambda and other serverless environments means that identifying and fixing performance issues is difficult and time-consuming. Built for straightforward debugging, monitoring, and observability, Thundra provides deep insight into your entire serverless environment. Thundra collects and correlates all your metrics, logs, and traces, allowing you to quickly identify problematic invocations and also analyzes external services associated with that function. With Thundra’s zero overhead and automated instrumentation capabilities, your developers are free to write code without worrying about bulking up their Lambdas or wasting time on chasing black box problems.

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Thundra's Kibana Plugin

Thundra provides a Kibana plugin, using which you can visualize relevant data for all your Lambda functions. We distribute Thundra Kibana plugin in 2 ways.

The first way is you can download our plugin build using this link. Then you can install it as if any other Kibana plugin using this command bin/kibana-plugin install <package name or URL>

The second way is we provide our plugin code as open source over github. So you can use our source code to create your own builds and integrate Thundra Kibana plugin to your own environment.

For the sake of the second option you need to follow these steps first;

  • Update the version of your cloned main Kibana project to 6.4.2, because we only provide this version for now.
  • Update these fields in your kibana.yml file under config folder of your cloned main Kibana project.
    • ""
    • elasticsearch.url: ""
    • elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode: none
  • Create a sibling folder named kibana-extra near to your cloned main Kibana project. And under that new folder clone Thundra's Kibana plugin.

If you have any hurdles about setting up your main Kibana project you can always consult official documentation here. When you are all set with correct node versions etc., you can run yarn kbn bootstrap command in Thundra's Kibana plugin folder.

When you are ready set up your plugin, here we provide a more in-depth explanation about how you can use the plugin in the following parts.

Thundra's Kibana Plugin

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