Thundra: Serverless Observability for AWS Lambda

The black box nature of AWS Lambda and other serverless environments means that identifying and fixing performance issues is difficult and time-consuming. Built for straightforward debugging, monitoring, and observability, Thundra provides deep insight into your entire serverless environment. Thundra collects and correlates all your metrics, logs, and traces, allowing you to quickly identify problematic invocations and also analyzes external services associated with that function. With Thundra’s zero overhead and automated instrumentation capabilities, your developers are free to write code without worrying about bulking up their Lambdas or wasting time on chasing black box problems.

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Thundra's Honeycomb Integration

Thundra's Honeycomb integration aims to visualize Thundra serverless monitoring data with Honeycomb's great visualization at your own Honeycomb instance. Using this integration, data will not go through us. Instead, Thundra agents will report data directly to your Honeycomb instance. Following video shows how easy is the installation of our integrator and send data to your Honeycomb instance.

Using this data, you can create your saved searches to understand what is happening in your application. Here is a video to walk through explaining how Honeycomb visualization can be applied to Thundra serverless monitoring data.

Thundra's Honeycomb Integration

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